Onyx can have different colors and will be used mainly as an ornament. In lithotherapy, black onyx is an anchoring and protective stone, especially against electromagnetic waves.

It is also a self-esteem building stone.


The shimmering colors of the tiger eye will participate in its comforting and warming properties. They will help in all cases of cooling (flu, angina, rheumatism ...).

The tiger eye will be useful for all breathing difficulties and especially asthma.

Energetic properties

The energetic properties of the stone will be associated with those of the animal that resembles it, the tiger.

It is a contribution of strength, energy, courage and, above all, assertiveness. Tiger's Eye allows one to advance toward one's true goal with perseverance, but without undue hardship.

With its colors and warmth, we will think of the tiger's eye for the 3rd chakra, self-assertion, but also to promote wealth and financial, material and personal success.

The stone is used in Africa to protect houses from evil spirits. By supporting inner strength, the tiger eye helps protect against strong negative powers.

In practice

It will be recommended for developing a person's self-confidence, personality and strength. It will be useful for young adolescents who are looking for themselves.

In general, it is a stone for people struggling to assert themselves, it allows them to find themselves and to assert themselves with courage. It is the stone of competition and can be worn for the purpose of winning and conquering.


Physical properties

In general, labradorite is a stone of protection, a kind of shield that any person can wear if they feel negative influences, mental or physical. However, it is much more recommended for its energetic properties.

Energetic properties

By promoting psychic and mental development, labradorite is the stone of protection. Its formation in fact created internal filters preventing all parasites from entering. The mirror created by its reflections helps protect and preserve a person from negative projections around them, in thought and intention.

In practice

It is recommended to people who suffer from a malicious environment or entourage. These negative thoughts are very common, and although they are not strictly speaking ill-intentioned, they can strongly influence sensitive people.


Physical properties

Associated with the heart chakra, aventurine is a stone intended for the cardiovascular system.

Active for the heart organ, it is also active for the blood. We can recommend it in case of palpitations, tachycardias, hypertension ...

It is the stone which regulates and protects against all cardiac risks, and which helps to heal after an intervention. Because it calms the nervous system, it will also have beneficial effects on skin problems of nervous origin (not food origin) .Aventurine will be recommended to restore calm to nervous and anxious states, and find a general balance.

In practice

It will bring cheerfulness and humor to people who are too serious.


Thanks to its potassium content, moonstone may have a beneficial effect on hormonal balance, nutrition, and fluidity in the body. Feminine stone or "yin" par excellence, it will promote curves in all senses of the word, and therefore help women who are a little fragile to regain their femininity and flexibility. The presence of aluminum in the stone will have an influence on the psyche and help to calm it.

Energetic properties

Stone of femininity par excellence, the moon stone is called "chandrakant" in India, or "the beloved of the moon". It was offered at the time of the wedding. In Europe, it has always been used to soothe the problems of couples, from which it would cure the problems of listening, intimacy ...

It promotes good relationships with the Other, but also with oneself.

Promoting the fertility of a woman, it will be recommended for people wishing to have children.

The moonstone will promote the capacities of reception, reception and harmony with nature and natural rhythms.

In practice

In the case of painful or irregular menstruation, it will help relieve and regain a harmonious cycle.

Teenage girls will be able to wear a moonstone at the time of their puberty to smoothly experience this important transition. It will ideally accompany pregnancy, but also breastfeeding and childbirth.


The Howlite Stone is a stabilizing stone. It is used in lithotherapy to heal.

It gives a sense of responsibility and at the same time makes it possible to dispel all fears.

Howlite has multiple physical benefits including better consolidation of bones, nails and hair.

Effective in digestive disorders, it acts in particular on the liver and the stomach.

If you are on a diet or a slimming cure, this stone will be your perfect companion thanks to its diuretic power.


Physical properties

Rose quartz has soothing qualities. It allows the body to relax by bringing concentration back to the heart. It comforts after periods of stress and various pressures.

It is a remedy for hypertension (and all cardiac pathologies, palpitations, tachycardia ...), when the stomach is knotted or digestion is difficult, and for physical blockages (various pains) or even sexual. It works very well in combination with another stone: with nephrite jade for the kidneys, citrine for the stomach, aventurine for the heart, carnelian for sexuality, moonstone for fertility ...

Energetic properties

This stone is considered as a feminine stone above all. It is the stone of love in more ways than one. Many stones can soothe, rebalance, and stimulate the heart chakra.

However, with rose quartz, we will have the basis of this love: the first form of love known to the child, namely maternal love which is the foundation of balance in an individual.

Quartz will therefore provide deep comfort, nourishing and protective heat. It also brings about the emotional bond that anchors the child and the future adult, giving him the necessary confidence and freedom. Amazing with children, rose quartz will have the same effects on adults.


Amethyst is recommended for everything that affects the head: headaches and migraine. Calming the mind, it is also the stone of insomnia linked to excessive brain activity. Combined with rose quartz and placed next to the pillow, it will improve sleep. Purifying, amethyst cleanses the blood and all fluids in the body.


Snow obsidian is the balance between the material and the spiritual. It protects against negative energies. It warms the extremities of the hands and feet by promoting circulation.


Comforting stone, it acts against stress and brings peace of mind. It is a shield against the jealousies of others. It is useful in cases of diabetes and also liver disease.


Rhodonite is an anti-stress stone which brings a lot of softness to the one who wears it, it promotes reconciliations and reduces anxiety. It acts as a barrier against jealous people and helps fight bad thoughts. It encourages self-confidence. It strengthens the immune system and relieves joint pain, it also facilitates serene sleep.


Physical properties

Garnet (red) helps stimulate vital energy in all cases of weakness. We recommend it in particular in cases of frigidity or lack of sexual vitality for example.

Energetic properties

It is the stone of fire that allows you to navigate through the night. It will bring strength and courage in the trials of life.

Pierre des Chevaliers, it will also stimulate truth, honor, integrity, independence ...

All garnets will serve to strengthen structure and stability thanks to their crystal system. We will recommend it to a person who has lost all his motivation.

In practice:

Garnet is suitable for anyone, woman, man, child who needs courage and motivation. It will make it possible to begin journeys (physical, geographic but also spiritual with strength and bravery).


Physical properties

Hematite will have a remarkable effect on iron and red blood cell deficiency problems. It is recommended in cases of anemia for a better supply of oxygen and to regain physical strength.

It will be useful during convalescence after an operation, childbirth, in case of general weakness of the body or great fatigue. However, it should be avoided for inflammation caused by the production of red blood cells, which it encourages.

Energetic properties

Hematite will bring the missing blood and therefore life. At the same time, it will promote the circulation and oxygenation of energy throughout the body. It will help to fall asleep by lowering the mental concentration to the lower body. It will also be used as a stone of protection.

In practice :

Useful for children, it is of great help in strengthening the will and vitality of the body.

In case of anemia and general weakness, it can be worn in the pocket, as a pendant or as a bracelet, but be careful of its weight.

It is recommended for women with anemia, especially due to menstruation. It will also be recommended to all people who think too much, to anchor themselves to the earth.


Physical properties

The color will lead you to think of the heart and it is precisely for this organ and the whole cardiovascular system that rhodochrosite will be useful. Its high manganese content can inhibit iron in the body. All the problems of high blood pressure, palpitation and stress can be alleviated by this stone, which will at the same time have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Irritable and very sensitive people will find comfort in wearing a rhodochrosite pendant near the heart.

Still in connection with the cardiovascular system, it is estimated that rhodochrosite helps to assimilate proteins and fats, but also to treat skin problems. This stone is recommended for itching (allergy, eczema ...), it will also help people with problems with bones and cartilage.

Energetic properties

Stone of the heart chakra, it will bring a love of compassion, forgiveness and acceptance, a love more turned towards others and social relations.

This stone will have the capacity to heal the sorrows, the sadness related to wounds of the heart, in connection with the concept of forgiveness and compassion.

In practice :

It should be worn as a pendant near the heart by people suffering from imbalance in the heart and blood circulation, but also by hypersensitive people and overly emotional people, often hurt by others.

It will help women by regulating their hormonal system, but also men plagued by overflows of emotion and poorly managed compassion.

Rhodochrosite is well suited to children and adolescents and may help them develop healthy and generous social relationships, bringing a certain maturity to feelings of compassion.


Stone of femininity, it brings a lot of softness to the one who wears it. It is a stone that stimulates the imagination and intuition. It helps in decision making.


Stone that softens behavior. Give the courage to take action. It relieves gastric acidity, regulates the liver. It also helps to assimilate iron.


This stone calms, balances and measures in judgments, it promotes anchoring. Strengthens the spleen and pancreas. It facilitates childbirth.


Stone of protection, like the eye of the tiger. It develops strength and courage. It is recommended for athletes, it strengthens the structure of the body, helps support physical effort. Protects physical assets from theft.


Stone of excellence for people who have vision problems such as eyestrain, conjunctivitis and sharpens vision. It greatly improves flexibility. It is perfect if you are looking for relaxation. It also promotes self-confidence.

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